23.02.19 / 20:04
NEWCON/DigitalRoute implement Next Generation Mediation for DTAG/T-Mobile

T-mobile, known for its concise magenta-coloured logo, has searched for a central and flexible billing mediation platform for five countries in order to improve its competitive position on the mobile operations market. NEWCON Ltd. has scoured with the Next Generation Mediation Technology from Digital Route: software-license and implementation of Mediation Zone 5. The Next Generation International Billing Mediation Device (ngiBMD) has been implemented with a target to reduce the total cost of ownership for billing mediation service by 20% for the 5 countries together. Thanks to NEWCON's long-time experience as service integrator, the major lines of business including GSM, SMS and GPRS were launched in production within 6 months since project start.

The complete article is available for download at the current link: Newcon DigitalRoute T-Mobile Success Story


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